Media Partnership

Engaging in a media partnership with the Australia Africa Business Summit provides a unique opportunity to connect with a global audience focused on Australia-Africa business dynamics. In this collaboration, your organization will enjoy prime brand visibility and exclusive access to rich content. This partnership not only amplifies your reach but also positions your media outlet as a significant player in the business discourse. The Summit has already formed alliances with leading media entities across both Australia and Africa, creating a diverse and powerful media network. Contact us today if you are interested in becoming a media partner.

Australian and international media are warmly invited to attend and report the Summit and its proceedings.

Attending media will need to be formally accredited and provide evidence of being a working journalist.

Please note attendance at the Summit will be complimentary, however media will be required to cover their own travel, accommodation, meals, and transfers for the duration of the Summit.

A media centre will be established at the Summit venue where media can work and file stories from, with a dedicated media liaison team on-site to assist media preparing news stories.

Further information about special provisions for working journalists will be provided to accredited media closer to the Summit.

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